About Us

Our journey begins from a small recruitment consulting firm. We had never even thought of reaching this stage neither did we know the ABC`s of CV writing. As a recruitment organization early on going through 100`s of CV`s for each post to fill up for our clients was a tedious task. More than 95% of the CV`s we received were not even worth reading but the people carrying them were far different from what their CV`s read. Most of the suitable and eligible candidates neither bothered nor gave weightage to the most important part of their interview process, the CV or Resume.

Imagine the plight of an Aeroplane without wings or engines. You may laugh out loud at the thought of it. Without a good CV you are as good as a plane deprived of the wings. Back in the older days without the stiffening competition jobs were easy to come by. The era we are in now has given us 100`s of opportunities but a 1000 applications to each one. A CV or Resume is your saviour, backbone and first impression to what you are.

We realized that a huge amount of stacked CV`s were actually just…STACKED!! You have had a good progressive career but your CV or Resume does not justify that bit, then the employer or recruiter will never be interested in you. Please read through below to learn about the interesting journey of art2write and how all of this began

April 2003: An idea struck us when an HR of a reputed MNC asked us to rewrite a few resumes so that it is easier for them to go through. Our first CV was a simple one. In today’s date you can call that a small correction. With the help of a few experienced writers of that time we began in 2003 work on CV writing. Initially with just 2 writers it was primarily to ensure that it is easier for the candidates to be shortlisted for interviews. It was only when we unearthed its potential we realized what he had missed. We began seeing a sudden spike in the recruitment pattern of those CV`s, Resumes built by us. All the CV`s and YES ALL the CV`s, Resumes got an interview call. We contacted the HR`s and simply asked them why they shortlisted those CV`s. Obviously the remake. Three things we learnt 1. Presentation 2. Clarity 3. Profile Description which changed the approach with which employers shortlisted CV`s

December 2003: Increased number of CV writers from 2 – 3. Our primary work is still recruitment and writing becomes an additional asset and value that helps candidates get interview calls

June 2006: We get highly popular. References kept flowing over the time and till now we have made more than 750 resumes with 10 CV writers over the span of 37 months. Demand increases and we decide to divide the CV portion from our recruitment wing and assign another name to it.

October 2006: Art2write is conceived. Still at its nascent stage we decide to make tons of improvements. We began charging a nominal fee for each written resume. Next step was to certify writers. By March 2007 we had over 20 certified writers and we were serving more than 20 different industries.

January 2009: Made an online presence with 40 writers working from round the globe and serving more than 200 professionals or customers every month for more than 35 industries. A very basic website but a good beginning had been sowed. The website was only a portal that one could login and enter their credentials to make a new CV with an already paid service fees.

October 2012: By now we had successfully made over 75000 resumes since 2003. We serve more than 45 industries and have developed resumes for more than 23 countries of this world. Out of resumes we made 12900 professionals came back and built new resumes every 2-3 years. A whopping 43010 customers came from references and word of mouth. We have crafted a name in the CV writing industry. But lots of working clients required our professional service whom we could not reach since the website had limited functionality.

February 2013: Art2write decides to revamp its services and reach a larger audience. We have developed a new website that gives us a deeper market penetration better support services and range of services tried and tested over the years and now available for the masses and professionals to take advantage on. Ability to make payment online is the biggest feature.

Art2write is proud for its acclaimed success and bringing out innovative ideas. We have articulated concepts that have been passed to the employers of more than 45 industries and thousands of recruiters backed by our extensive experience in the recruitment and manpower sourcing domain. Art2write develops CV / Resume, ResumeScribe, LinkedIn Profile Makeover and provides a range of career and job hunting services like CV Uploading, CV CV Distribution and more.

With your ever-growing support we are looking at new levels to achieve. Thank for!!