CV Distribution Services Dubai, UAE– The new trend in job hunting

Having a compelling resume alone does not guarantee a job in a competitive market like Dubai. It is essential that the CV is viewed by the right people. With the high volume of resume`s being received for every job advertisement, an employer tends to seek alternative sources to find candidates.

CV distribution in Dubai is essentially the process of distributing your CV in a manner which gives more exposure to the job seekers and ensures the employers find them when they search for a similar profile. It is one of the most effective ways of reaching out to prospect employers in Dubai by giving more exposure to your CV. It also helps in cutting down the hard work involved in job hunting process and lets you apply to more positions without the hassle of filling out forms every single time. There are numerous benefits of this service that makes millions of job seekers take advantage off.

How do our CV distribution services in UAE differ from the competition?

Art2write`s CV distribution services for UAE not only includes emailing the CV to a database of recruiters but also aim at circulating the CV within the target industry and regional job boards which includes the likes of Bayt, Gulftalent, Monster and many others. Online databases such as Bayt and Monster are increasingly being used by hiring managers to search for candidates. It is essential that a job seeker has his/her CV registered on such portals in order to increase their chances of being hired. Relying purely on job advertisements is not sufficient for getting a job in UAE. Our CV distribution service in UAE ensures that your chances of being noticed by an employer increases considerably. Additionally, our mechanism helps your profile rank higher than the competitors by distributing the CV at the right places and at the right time.

Our recruitment professionals are familiar with all the portals that employers use in UAE. They also have direct contacts within a vast variety of sectors and can help in adding the candidate’s details in the databases of big firms. Thereby making sure that the candidate does not miss out on lucrative positions that are not advertised on the internet. We have an extensive database of contacts that covers the top recruiters and employers in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

How does it work?

There are just 3 simple steps involved in availing the CV distribution services for Dubai from our website.

  1. Go to our career services section and select the CV SEO and Distribution package. Register as a New User and proceed with the payment. Once the payment is done, one of our representatives will get in touch in order to get your details. If you have already subscribed to our CV writing service, you can contact your assigned writer to help you place the order.
  2. We then start the CV distribution services for Dubai, UAE sending your CV to all the major job portals in the region as well as to our wide network of recruiters in UAE which includes government and non-government companies, private recruiters and decision makers from within and outside your industry.
  3. Once the entire process is completed which takes about a week, we will email you a comprehensive report containing the details of where we have posted your resume. You can keep track of your online profiles and check who has viewed your CV.

CV distribution in UAE is mostly a one-time process. Once you are on the database of popular job websites you do not need to worry about constantly going back to them. However, before you take up this service make sure your CV is well-written and up to the regional standards. There is no point in distributing a poorly written CV as it will not help you in getting shortlisted even if your name comes up during the search.