About Art2Write

What kind of work Art2write gives to its customers?
Which countries do you cater to?
Do I need to make a new / separate CV for all the countries I need to apply for?
What happens when I buy any of your service?
Can I talk to the assigned writer?
How many times can I edit my new CV (Not Applicable to CV Editing Service)?
What do you mean by 90 day interview guarantee?
How do I request for making changes to the new draft?
Can you deliver me a new CV within 24 Hrs?
How does art2write certify its writers?

Product Based

Why do I need CV / Resume writing?
For what levels / Designations / Positions do you make CV / Resume?
What difference would art2write CV / Resume create for me?
What are the industries you cover?
What is the difference between CV Writing & CV Editing?
Why is LinkedIn Profile Important for me?
What is done when I purchase a LinkedIn Profile Makeover?
What is ResumeScribe© ?
Can I request to edit ResumeScribe©?
What is CV Distribution service?
How does CV Distribution help me?

Delivery Time

How many days would it take to receive my new CV / Resume?
How many days would it take to receive my edited CV (CV Editing service)?
How many days would it take to receive my new LinkedIn profile?
How many days would it take to receive ResumeScribe© video?
How many days would it take to complete CV Distribution service?
I have bought more than 1 product. What is my delivery time?
Can I use Express Delivery with a clubbed package?

Delivery Medium

How do you send me my New CV / Resume / Edited CV / Resume?
How do you send me my LinkedIn profile?
How do you send me the ResumeScribe© Video?

Purchasing Services

How secured is my payment and transaction?
What forms of payment do you accept?
I have not received any receipt of payment from Art2write.com?
I have a discount coupon but it is not working?
I am unable to complete my transaction through PayPal?
I have paid twice by mistake?